Front Office operations

Bought this manual for my friend the day before yesterday. Very short, pratical guides so could be finished in an hour. Fun to know how hotels work, types of rooms, types of rates, levels of keys, kinds of locks, etc.

  • Rooms: Standard – Superior (better view) – Deluxe (finer decor & amenities) – Excutive/Club floor – Suites – Duplex suites (2-storey).
  • Rates: Rack/published rates (walk-in) – Commercial (a bit discount) – Corporate (regular biz guests) – Group – Family plan – Discounted rates – Package plan – Monthly – Contracted rates (airlines crews, travel agents for packages, groups)
  • Keys: Guestroom – Pass/submaster (a floor’s section) – Master/Floor master – Grand master (all that not double-locked) – Great Grand master (all)… :) Even a Lock-out/Stop-key to lock from outside.
  • Locks: Conventional with teeth/without teeth (more difficult to pick) – Mechanical programmable lock (could be reset by a neutral key to accept a new key, e.g. Horilock, Winfield) – Micro-fitted electronic lock (assigned from a pre-determined sequence of codes, previous code is cancelled when inserted a newly encoded key, e.g. Uniqey, Ving Card, Yaletronic, Miwa, Saflok) – Hard-wired electronic lock (central master code console, e.g. Marlok, Guestkey, Kaba)

It even teaches how to quote the rates for different types of guests or the same guest but with different policies (e.g. tour group then extend), etc. A whole lot different world from theoretical one :). Fun

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